1910-11 T3 Turkey Red

Looking to BUY PSA graded T3 baseball players 

& T9 boxers for our collection.

Please advise if you have any to sell. 

Below are some scanned for your viewing pleasure

                 These are not for sale

t3cl1.jpg (131312 bytes)T3 Card Back #1 - checklist low #'s

t3cl2.jpg (113748 bytes)T3 Card Back #2 - checklist high #'s

t3rareback.jpg (120326 bytes)T3 Card Back #3 - checklist w/o address & date

t3cl3.jpg (91707 bytes)T3 Card Back #4 - cigarette advertising


 1 Mordecai Brown - Cubs PSA-2

 1 Mordecai Brown - Cubs PSA-5

 2 Bill Bergen - Superbas PSA-4

 3 Tommy Leach - Pirates PSA-3 

 3 Tommy Leach - Pirates PSA-3

 3 Tommy Leach - Pirates PSA-4

 3 Tommy Leach - Pirates PSA-5 

 4 Roger Bresnahan - Cardinals PSA-4

 4 Roger Bresnahan - Cardinals PSA-5

 5 Sam Crawford - Tigers PSA-3mk

 6 Hal Chase - Highlanders PSA-4

 7 Howie Camnitz - Pirates PSA-4

howie.jpg (189829 bytes) 7 Howie Camnitz - Pirates PSA-5

 8 Fred Clarke - Pirates PSA-4mk

 8 Fred Clarke - Pirates PSA-5

 9 Ty Cobb - Tigers PSA-1

 9 Ty Cobb - Tigers PSA-3

10 Art Devlin - Giants PSA-4

10 Art Devlin - Giants PSA-5

11 Bill Dahlen - Superbas PSA-2

11 Bill Dahlen - Superbas PSA-4

12 Wild Bill Donovan - Tigers PSA-1

12 Wild Bill Donovan - Tigers PSA-3

14 Red Dooin - Phillies PSA-1

15 Kid Elberfeld - Senators PSA-2

15 Kid Elberfeld - Senators PSA-4

16 Johnny Evers - Cubs PSA-6

17 Clark Griffith - Reds PSA-2

clark.jpg (198128 bytes)17 Clark Griffith - Reds PSA-4

18 Hughie Jennings - Tigers PSA-1

18 Hughie Jennings - Tigers PSA-4

19 Addie Joss - Naps PSA-4

20 Tim Jordan - Superbas PSA-Authentic

21 Red Kleinow - Highlanders PSA-3

21 Red Kleinow - Highlanders PSA-5mk

22 Harry Krause - A's PSA-3

22 Harry Krause - A's PSA-4 

23 Napoleon Lajoie - Naps PSA-5

24 Mike Mitchell - Reds PSA-4

24 Mike Mitchell - Reds PSA-4mk

25 Matty McIntyre - Tigers PSA-5

12448338.jpg (91970 bytes)26 John McGraw - Giants PSA-authentic

12262460.jpg (81958 bytes)26 John McGraw - Giants PSA-5

27 Christy Mathewson - Giants PSA-1

27 Christy Mathewson - Giants PSA-4

28 Harry McIntyre - Superbas PSA-4

28 Harry McIntyre - Superbas PSA-4

28 Harry McIntyre - Superbas PSA-4

29 Amby McConnell - Red Sox PSA-3

29 Amby McConnell - Red Sox PSA-4

george.jpg (185918 bytes)30 George Mullin - Tigers PSA-4

30 George Mullin - Tigers PSA-5

31 Sherry Magee - Phillies PSA-3

32 Orval Overall - Cubs PSA-5mk

33 Jake Pfeister - Cubs PSA-1

33 Jake Pfeister - Cubs PSA-5

34 Nap Rucker - Superbas PSA-3

35 Joe Tinker - Cubs PSA-5

36 Tris Speaker - Red Sox PSA-4 

36 Tris Speaker - Red Sox PSA-5

38 Jake Stahl - Red Sox PSA-4

39 Rube Waddell - Browns PSA-2mk

39 Rube Waddell - Browns PSA-5

40 Vic Willis - Pirates PSA-1

41 Hooks Wiltse - Giants PSA-4

41 Hooks Wiltse - Giants PSA-5

42 Cy Young - Naps PSA-1

42 Cy Young - Naps PSA-4

43 "Out At Third" PSA-3

trying.jpg (177751 bytes)44 "Trying" To Catch Him Napping" PSA-3

45 "Jordan & Herzog At First" PSA-4

46 "Safe At Third" PSA-3

47 Frank Chance - Cubs PSA-2

48 Jack Murray - Giants PSA-5

49 "A Close Play At Second" PSA-Authentic

50 Chief Myers - Giants PSA-3


51 Jem Driscoll - Boxer PSA-3

51 Jem Driscoll - Boxer PSA-3

52 Abe Attell - Boxer PSA-2

52 Abe Attell - Boxer PSA-4

52 Abe Attell - Boxer PSA-6

53 Ad. Wolgast - Boxer PSA-3

53 Ad. Wolgast - Boxer PSA-4

53 Ad. Wolgast - Boxer PSA-5 

53 Ad. Wolgast - Boxer PSA-6

54 Johnny Coulon - Boxer PSA-1

55 James Jeffries - Boxer PSA-3mk

55 James Jeffries - Boxer PSA-5

56 Jack (Twin) Sullivan - Boxer PSA-3

56 Jack (Twin) Sullivan - Boxer PSA-4

57 Battling Nelson - Boxer PSA-1

57 Battling Nelson - Boxer PSA-4

58 Packey McFarland - Boxer PSA-4

59 Tommy Murphy - Boxer PSA-4mk

59 Tommy Murphy - Boxer PSA-5 

59 Tommy Murphy - Boxer PSA-6

61 Johnny Marto - Boxer PSA-3mk

62 Jimmie Gardner - Boxer PSA-5

62 Jimmie Gardner - Boxer PSA-5

64 Wm. Papke - Boxer PSA-5

64 Wm. Papke - Boxer PSA-5

65 Sam Langford - Boxer PSA-1

65 Sam Langford - Boxer PSA-4

66 Knock-Out Brown - Boxer PSA-4

66 Knock-Out Brown - Boxer PSA-4

67 Stanley Ketchel - Boxer PSA-5

68 Joe Jeannette - Boxer PSA-3

69 Leach Cross - Boxer PSA-3

70 Phil. McGovern - Boxer PSA-1

71 Battling Hurley - Boxer PSA-2

72 Honey Mellody - Boxer PSA-3

73 Al Kaufman - Boxer PSA-4

73 Al Kaufman - Boxer PSA-5

74 Willie Lewis - Boxer PSA-1

74 Willie Lewis - Boxer PSA-6 

75 Philly Jack O'Brien - Boxer PSA-4

75 Philly Jack O'Brien - Boxer PSA-5

75 Philly Jack O'Brien - Boxer PSA-7

76 Jack Johnson - Boxer PSA-1

76 Jack Johnson - Boxer PSA-4


77 Red Ames - Giants PSA-1

77 Red Ames - Giants PSA-5

78 Home Run Baker - A's PSA-3mk

79 George Bell - Superbas PSA-5

80 Chief Bender - A's PSA-1

80 Chief Bender - A's PSA-5

81 Bob Bescher - Reds PSA-2

81 Bob Bescher - Reds PSA-2

82 Kitty Bransfield - Phillies PSA-1

84 George Browne - Senators/White Sox PSA-3

85 Bill Burns - White Sox / Reds PSA-4

85 Bill Burns - White Sox / Reds PSA-4

85 Bill Burns - White Sox / Reds PSA-5

86 Bill Carrigan - Red Sox PSA-4mk

86 Bill Carrigan - Red Sox PSA-4

86 Bill Carrigan - Red Sox PSA-5

87 Eddie Collins - A's PSA-4

87 Eddie Collins - A's PSA-4mk

87 Eddie Collins - A's PSA-5

88 Harry Coveleski - Reds PSA-3

89 Lou Criger - Highlanders PSA-7

90 Mickey Doolan - Phillies PSA-Authentic

90 Mickey Doolan - Phillies PSA-5

91 Thomas Downey - Reds PSA-2

92 Jimmy Dygert - A's PSA-4 

92 Jimmy Dygert - A's PSA-5

93 Art Fromme - Reds PSA-4

94 George Gibson - Pirates PSA-2mk

94 George Gibson - Pirates PSA-4

94 George Gibson - Pirates PSA-4

95 Peaches Graham - Rustlers PSA-5mk

96 Bob Groom - Senators PSA-4

96 Bob Groom - Senators PSA-4

97 Dick Hoblitzell - Reds PSA-4

99 Walter Johnson - Senators PSA-5

101 Wee Willie Keeler - Giants PSA-3

102 Johnny Kling - Cubs PSA-5

johnny.jpg (204154 bytes)102 Johnny Kling - Cubs PSA-6

103 Ed Konetchy - Cardinals PSA-2

103 Ed Konetchy - Cardinals PSA-4

ed.jpg (188091 bytes)103 Ed Konetchy - Cardinals PSA-4mk

104 Ed Lennox - Superbas PSA-1

104 Ed Lennox - Superbas PSA-1

104 Ed Lennox - Superbas PSA-1mk

104 Ed Lennox - Superbas PSA-2

105 Hans Lobert - Reds PSA-2mk

106 Harry Lord - Red Sox / White Sox PSA-5

108 Fred Merkle - Giants PSA-4mk

109 Pat Moran - Cubs/Phillies PSA-5

110 George McBride - Senators PSA-1

110 George McBride - Senators PSA-3

110 George McBride - Senators PSA-5

111 Harry Niles - Red Sox / Naps PSA-4

111 Harry Niles - Red Sox / Naps PSA-5 

112 Dode Paskert - Reds PSA-5

113 Bugs Raymond - Giants PSA-1

113 Bugs Raymond - Giants PSA-4mk

113 Bugs Raymond - Giants PSA-5

114 Bob Rhoades - Naps PSA-4

115 Admiral Schlei - Giants PSA-2

115 Admiral Schlei - Giants PSA-5

116 Boss Schmidt - Tigers PSA-3

117 Wildfire Schulte - Cubs PSA-2

118 Frank Smith - White Sox / Red Sox PSA-3

118 Frank Smith - White Sox / Red Sox PSA-4

118 Frank Smith - White Sox / Red Sox PSA-5

119 George Stone - Browns PSA-1

120 Gabby Street - Senators PSA-5

121 Billy Sullivan - White Sox PSA-4

121 Billy Sullivan - White Sox PSA-4

123 Ira Thomas - A's PSA-3

124 Ira Thomas - A's PSA-4

124 Bobby Wallace - Browns PSA-5

125 Ed Walsh - White Sox PSA-2mk

125 Ed Walsh - White Sox PSA-6mk

126 Owen Wilson - Pirates PSA-5


Our T3 article which appeared in the October 2005 SMR


Terrific T3's: One Collector's Look at the Turkey Red Cabinets

Jay Wolt - August 16, 2005

When the topic of the most beautiful card set comes up, many hobbyists start and stop with the Turkey Reds set, issued by the American Tobacco Company in 1910 and 1911. Unlike the "standard" sized tobacco cards of the day, the Turkey Reds are magnificent masterpieces. They are 5 x 8" in size compared to the tiny 1 7/16 x 2 5/8" that were made to fit the small cigarette packs of the era.

The Turkey Reds set consists of 100 baseball players listed as T3's and 26 boxers referred to as T9's. They were produced in two series with the baseball subjects listed in alphabetical order from #1 Mordecai Brown to #42 Cy Young. An additional 8 action shots were also included. The set is then continued with card #'s 51-76, which feature boxers. The 2nd series starts with #77 Red Ames and finishes with #126 Owen Wilson.

Thirty seven of the baseball subjects share the same image seen in the T206 set. The similarities are also shared with the L1 leathers and the S81 silks. The T9 boxers share the same or similar shot depicted in the T218 Champions set as well. Four of the baseball players have 2 versions, #28 Harry McIntyre is listed with Brooklyn and also as Brooklyn/Chicago. Card #90 (Mickey Doolin) has another version with his corrected name Mickey Doolan. In addition, card #112 (Dode Paskert) is listed with Cincinnati as well as Cincinnati/Philadelphia, and finally card #144 (Fred Tenney) is listed with NY as well as NY/Boston.

There are five different card backs in this terrific issue, a Turkey Red advertisement back showing a pack of cigarettes and four different checklist backs. Three of the four checklist backs are very similar; the numerical sequence is the only real difference. One has 1-75 depicted, another has 1-76, and the third has 51-126. All three state, at the top, that you should "Order by number only" and that you can exchange 10 Turkey Red coupon vouchers (that were inserted into cigarette packs), or 25 Fed or Old Mill coupons for a player/boxer of your choice. The address to ship the coupons to was listed as "Drawer S, Jersey City, NJ". The offer expired on June 30, 1911.

According to the coupon voucher, you had to list three selections in order of your preference, and that the baseball players would be ready to ship on April 1, 1910. In addition, the "athlete" (boxers) series would be ready one month later on May 1, 1910. It would have been interesting if they planned other similar subjects that were featured in the T218 Champions set such as bowlers, skaters, billiard players, track stars, golfers and aviators. The 4th checklist back has no ordering instructions or address and is considered the scarcest of the five backs.

Unlike the many tobacco cards of baseball players, athletes, politicians, birds, flags etc. that were inserted into packs at random, the Turkey Red cabinet cards had to be redeemed. Due to their large size, many were displayed by hanging them on a wall with a pin, tack or nail and some collectors glued them inside scrap books, a popular past time of the day. Due to this and their large size, few have survived in top grades. As of this writing, PSA has graded roughly 350 T3 & T9's with only two being graded as NM PSA-7's (T3 Ed Konetchy & T9 Joe Jeannette) and just one card has reached the NM/MT PSA-8 level, a Ty Cobb - the finest example known in the hobby.

Even in low grades, these cards look impressive and are indeed collectible. The baseball subjects are inset within a grey border and the boxers have a rich brown frame. Many of the lower grades exhibit holes or extensive wear on the corners and edges. It still doesn't detract from the subject inside the painted frame and that is what most collectors are focused on.

The cabinet cards with their full color lithography possess a deep, rich color that makes this issue so captivating from an eye-appeal standpoint. Eight of the baseball players have "action shots" like #43 "Out at Third", showing a player being tagged out or #47 "Frank Chance At Bat" showing Chance taking his cut with a catcher in the shot. Card #48 shows Jack Murray at the plate and #50 (Chief Myers) is very similar in terms of the setting.

The other 92 subjects have a great deal of uniformity as the players are depicted in full view, so their entire uniform is present from their baseball caps down to their spikes. It gives a wonderful color account of the uniforms of the day. There are no bust shots or close ups. The same applies to the 26 boxers as they all have a boxing pose and show no opponent.

Out of the 100 baseball players, 25% are in the Hall of Fame including such heavyweights as Ty Cobb, Christy Mathewson, Cy Young, Walter Johnson, Tris Speaker, Napoleon Lajoie, Eddie Collins, Home Run Baker, and so on.

Speaking of heavyweights, the 26 T9 subjects consist of 14 boxing Hall Of Famers including Jack Johnson (the first black heavyweight champion), James Jeffries (The "Great White Hope") who came out of retirement to beat Johnson and lost by a KO, Abe Attell (a main character involved in the 1919 fix of the World Series) and Stanley Ketchel (who was considered the greatest middleweight ever, amassing a 52-4 lifetime mark with 49 KO's). While training for a 1910 bout, Ketchel was murdered. He was shot at close range and died at the age of 24. These T9 cards provide a nice tribute to Ketchel who was killed during its distribution.

Star players absent from this set include Shoeless Joe Jackson and Smokey Joe Wood, as well as Hall Of Fame players Honus Wagner, Eddie Plank, Rube Marquard and Zack Wheat.

This is a truly fascinating set with a rich history. They are highly sought-after today with PSA graded examples garnering huge premiums. The PSA holders display these works of art beautifully and that is part of why I have found them so fun to collect.

Jay Wolt is a PSA authorized dealer from Pennsylvania. He can be contacted by email at jaycos@qualitycards.com or through his website qualitycards.com

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